Star - Purple - small  Susan Grace is an insightful coach who helped me achieve my dreams beyond my expectations. I accomplished one of my goals almost immediately. I was on the “Oprah” show!    ~Maryanne Towes, Director of Business Development, Strategic Implementation Resource.

Star - Purple - small  Working with Susan Grace is an absolute joy! She has been a gift to me with her joyful, enthusiastic and intelligent guidance through some of the most challenging business ventures of my life. Her support and confidence in me has guided me not only in my career, but in some thrilling (and at times scary) transitions in my personal life. Susan is not only blessed with a fine mind, but an innate “emotional intelligence” that allows her to understand, on a very deep level, another person’s frustrations, fears and doubts. With that understanding, coupled with her wickedly playful humor, she has helped me to see beyond my obstacles to what is truly possible in my career. Susan has tweaked, challenged, and more than anything, inspired me to achieve my dreams.     ~ Virginia Thomas, Actress

Star - Purple - small  Go for the Goal put the enjoyment and excitement back into my career. Susan gets right to the source of one’s individual needs with amazing insight and encouragement. This is the program for any person who has ever dreamed.    ~ Michelle Dupre, Actress

Star - Purple - small  Susan Grace has clarity and a vision that is contagious. I laughed a lot, cried a little, and found a renewed focus that has continued to shape my life in a new direction. Susan is deeply intuitive, highly intelligent, compassionate, and passionate about what she does. She lives her theories every day – a right-in-front-of-you living example that Go for the Goal works!   ~Aimee Miles, Actress

Star - Purple - small  Go for the Goal helped me “clean sweep” and focus so that I could create the results I wanted for my work and private life. I had a blast and couldn’t believe how much fun it was to take on my life and life goals. Susan is a “kickass” partner in developing your bridge to success.   ~ Amy Shapiro, Director of Word Processing, Major NY CPA Firm

Star - Purple - small  Susan Grace and the Go for the Goal workshop awakened my mind and really got the creative juices flowing again. People were sharing on such a personal level, which freed everyone in their own personal self-discovery process. It was quite exhilarating!   ~Rod Britt, Director/Producer/Actor

Star - Purple - small  Susan Grace is an extremely talented, motivating force of nature! I found the workshop to be motivating and inspiring, to help you set clear and achievable goals. If you are ready to commit to a bright future, Susan will certainly set you on the right path!   ~ Andrea Press, Actress/Singer

Star - Purple - small  Susan is great! As a Queen of the “buts”, I needed her Go for the Goal skills to give me a quick kick in the you-know-where! With enthusiasm and friendliness, Susan offers a practical, enjoyable and no-nonsense approach for setting, and working towards, future goals.   ~Carol Herman, Actress

Star - Purple - small  Susan has created an effective, concise and fun system to help you organize and realize whatever plan you deeply desire, as well as an ongoing accountable system of support to assure you stay on course and achieve your goal.   ~ Joshua Finkel, Director/Actor/Owner of the Creative Combustion Acting Studio

Star - Purple - small  Susan is an expert! She provides interesting exercises which make you think and use your imagination. In addition to learning a great deal, I also had a lot of fun. I was expecting to be resistant, but I found myself completely involved. I now look forward to each day with increased enthusiasm.   ~Joyce Greenleaf, Actress


My deepest gratitude to those who so generously contributed their hearts to the succcess of Go for the Goal:

Chris Hietikko, Virginia Thomas, Elizabeth Greene, Maryanne Towes, Amy Shapiro, Rod Britt, Andrea Press, Evelyn Halus, Terry Gardner and Aimee Miles.