Who is Susan Grace?

Who is Susan Grace?

Susan-Grace-photo-small-versionMy passion is assisting people in making their dreams come true. After receiving my BA in Psychology, I moved to New York City where I enjoyed successful careers in advertising and international marketing, both of which provided me a wonderful opportunity to examine how and why people make the choices they do.

I started coaching marketing professionals and soon expanded my client base to include a variety of other professionals (bankers, CPA’s, sales executives, actors, singers, writers, directors).

While coaching actors in the audition process, I soon realized most of us aren’t clear about who we are (our brand); consequently we have limited skills in marketing ourselves. This is prevalent in every career, not just acting. And that is what led to the expansion of my coaching to include How to Write a Kickass Business Plan.

After 15 years of coaching in New York, I moved to Los Angeles where I joyously continue my work. I am profoundly grateful to all my students who inspire me daily with their courage, commitment and passion.