The Art of the Interview

The Art of the Interview

This coaching session is not part of the primary
 Go for the Goal  curriculum, but a perfect complement to any of the available courses.  No pre-requisite required.


Would you like to:

* Allow your personality to shine?
* Effortlessly bring everything you are into the room?
* Guide the interview so it looks exactly as you would like?
* Adapt to any interviewer’s personality style?
* Know the exact moment you should end the interview?
* Have fun?

You can!  And in just about 2 hours.

Interviewing seems to be a frightening process for just about everyone, at any age.  We feel the need to be perfect, to be everything we think they want, and we’re scared of being judged.

No one was a worse interviewee than I was — I used to describe myself as a “walking apology.”  Each interview felt like I was walking the plank.

Then one day I realized that made no sense.  Why would I hand over my power to someone I’ve never met? Why would I allow a stranger to shape my interview/future?  It should be up to me to create the kind of experience I want.

What if an interview was fun…. and freeing…. and… exhilarating?

For more than 25 years, I’ve discovered, refined and re-defined the art of the interview.  Now I relish the opportunity to meet someone new.  I no longer have to go to an interview – I get to!

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Here’s what some of my clients have to say:

 Star - Purple - small Susan is remarkable!  Who knew that an interview could actually be fun and relaxed?  The Art of the Interview  gave me the tools to make it happen.  I’ve not only used her techniques in the interview process, but throughout my business, day to day.  Simply said, my work with Susan has been invaluable.   ~ Virginia Thomas, Owner, Cycling The City

Star - Purple - small  Susan Grace has a great and surprising way to help you build a relationship with the person you’re meeting and allows you to take control of the room.  I highly recommend learning Susan’s The Art of the Interview before any upcoming interviews!  ~ Joshua Finkel, Teacher of Musical Theater at California Lutheran University

Star - Purple - small  Speaking in front of an audience, can do… but interviews would throw me into a panic.  Susan Grace’sThe Art of the Interview turned that around for me. I learned how to take control of the room. The biggest revelation – I had no idea interviewing could be so much fun!  ~ Amy Shapiro, Director of Word Processing, major NY CPA firm

Star - Purple - small  Susan Grace’s The Art of the Interview is a remarkably effective tool that we use for all our new actors. Susan coaches young people on how to tackle the complexities of going into an interview situation and being your authentic self.  I would highly recommend her to anyone in any business.  ~ Cary Anderson, Cary Anderson Management