What Types of Coaching Are Available?


Key advantages to participating in a workshop with other students

* You’ll discover just about everyone has the same fears and concerns as you do.
* You’ll learn an enormous amount about yourself by assisting others in the workshop.
* Your creativity will be greatly inspired by the contributions of everyone in the room.

The morning session consists primarily of identifying the behaviors and thoughts that tend to hold you back from getting what you want. You’ll break up into small groups and assist your teammates through a variety of processes and exercises. Then you and your small group will have a working lunch. When you return, it’s time to declare your goal (gulp). We’ll spend plenty of time making sure that every student’s goal is clear and concise…and kickass! The remainder of the afternoon your small group will assist you in mapping out all the strategies you’ll need to get from here to there. You’ll leave with the tools to create a uniquely inspired, tailor-made business plan that will leave no doubt it can be achieved with all the passion and courage you’ve uncovered throughout the day. Your life will be so jam-packed with all sorts of exhilarating activities that you won’t be able to imagine how you ever forgot the art of “play” time.   Download a Registration Form


This 3-4 hour session includes everything in the Complete Kickass Workshop, except the working lunch. This is a personalized one-on-one workout to assist the student in creating a Kickass Business Plan. Download a Registration Form


Available once you have attended a Complete Kickass Workshop or Private Intensive.

These hourly sessions provide ongoing coaching for questions or challenges a student may have after taking their business plan out into the world. Fine Tuning Sessions are available in person or over the phone.


Designed for those who aren’t sure if they want to create a complete business plan, but would like some basic strategies to get started moving toward their dream.

This hourly session (preferably in person) is the perfect introduction to How to Write a Kickass Business Plan. No prerequisite. Download a Registration Form